99 Videos that will make you go Huh, Whoa, Wow, Ahhh, and Ha-Ha

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I noticed on Twitter that many of the popular blog posts that get re-tweeted are always lists.  Some past examples are:

    • 25 Uses of Google Wave in gym class
    • 5 Ways to use iPhones during lunch to boost test scores
    • 15 2.0 Tools to make you a popular Chemistry teacher
    • 10  Free downloads to organize your 15 2.0 tools that made you a popular chemistry teacher
    • 100 Sites that every teacher should use to get their kids ready for the 23rd Century
    • 95 online tools to determine what online tools you use the most when online
    • 75 tech tips on how to get more tech into your 1:1 classroom
    • 30 wikis to read if you want to start blogging
    • 25 Blogs every teacher must read because 10 other blogs all agreed that they must read them
    • 45 online tools to make it look like you are teaching from the comfort of your favorite pub
    • 5 recipes all teachers must have after teaching all night from the pub
    • 3 ways to embed a video about how to not use power point into a power point about not using power point

(sorry, I have lost the links to the above sites)

So in my quest for popularity and a desire to possibly hit triple digits in views for one day, my last post for 2009 will not be a deep reflective piece, but simply a list of 78 videos that I use throughout the year for various reasons.  You may find them incredibly useful, a total waste of time, a great use of your free time, or maybe just a source of a few laughs.  I would really appreciate it if you added your favorite videos in the comment section.

Videos that make us think:

Mankind is no Island
I am Everyone
Speak with Conviction

Brown Eyes/Blue Eyes
Did You Know?
Did you Know?
Piano Stairs
Kaplan U Professor
Staring Contest
Dove Evolution
Kaplan U Desks
When I become a teacher
It’s All About the Experience
Do Schools Kill Creativity?
Just One Girl
Micheal Jordon-Failure
The Deepest Garbage Can
The Years are Short
The Essay
The Spelling Bee
Sand Art
Stuck on an Elevator
The Money Tree

Videos that inspire us:

I Love Living Life
Try to Do
Be the Change You Want to See in the World
Together We Can Change the World
Blind Painter
Free Hugs
Amazing Softball Story
World’s Strongest Dad
Power of a Dream
Dustin Carter

Videos that amaze us:

LED Sheep Herding
Hans “no way” Rey
Time Warp
Paul the Opera Singer
Breaking Wine Glass
Boyanka Angelova
One in Million Chance
Human Shadow Puppets
Giant Water Slide
Dominoes in the Kitchen
Greatest Car Advertisement Ever
Test Your Awareness 1
Test Your Awareness 2
Test Your Awareness 3
Test Your Awareness 4
Bruce Lee Table Tennis

Videos that make us ask questions:

Steven Levitt: Why do crack dealers still live with their moms?
Gever Tulley: 5 dangerous things you should let your kids do
Built to Last
What teachers make
One is Greater than None
Lost Generation
Don’t Eat the Marshmallow Yet
Vision of Students Today
Vision of K-12 Students Today
The Kid No One Wanted
Music Makers

Videos that get us to laugh together:

Cat Herding
Life after Death by Powerpoint

Food Fight

Mr Bean-Turkey
The Invisible Rope
Thou Shalt Laugh
Stupid Birds
Ron Lucas and Big Dummy
Electric face Stimulus
Basset Hound Beat Box
Mr. Bean-Library
Martians Meet a Clock
Everything is Amazing and Nobodys Happy
Mr. Bean-Pool
Laughing Babies
Bill Cosby-Dentists
Five Minute University
Barking Fish
Football vs Baseball
Charlie the Unicorn
Rabbit (ok, maybe not funny but frightening)
We’re Sinking
Relaxing Car Advertisement
Interview With a Terrorist
Sneak Thief
Why you should think before you text
Moose in Sprinkler
Manamana and Manamana II
Zombies In Plain English
Sound Effects
Pigeon Impossible
Enter Kazoo Man

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