Can I pee?

It has always driven me crazy that I have to “give permission” to my kids in order for them to attend to some basic human needs.  “Mr. Bogush, can I use the lav?”  “Mr. Bogush, can I get a drink?”  Could you imagine having to email me each time you needed to pee!  Or call down and get permission from the principal to go to the bathroom!

Last week I made a deal with my homeroom that I will no longer give anyone permission to use the bathroom or get a drink.  The reality is, I just need to know where they are, and out of courtesy, I would like them to tell me before they leave the class.   “Mr. Bogush I‘m going to the bathroom.”  I like that sound of that much better.

If we feel the need to control when they pee, then we probably also feel like we have to control a whole host of other actions.  What kind of other rules do you have in place that at their core are meant to control kids?  Even when a kid talks out in class you can try to control the kid—“you will be quiet because I said so.”  Or you can handle it so that the kid is placed in a situation in which they decide to control themselves.  So many people complain about kids not being responsible.  Maybe we can start by allowing them to be responsible for when they pee…what a renegade thought eh?

I know what you are thinking…but if you set your class up in a certain way, no, all of your kids will not spend then entire period in the bathroom 😉

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