Sir Ken Robinson

I always wonder who will keep re-posting some of the great videos and articles so that new folks coming into the blogosphere, or twitterverse, or whatever,  can be sparked from them just as early adapters of social networking were.   You can still walk into a room full of educators where not a single one has seen Did You Know.  A couple of years ago A Vision of Students Today was being passed all around the web.  Nowadays who is still re-posting it for new folks to be sparked?  You could jump into blogging or Twitter today and never get exposed to the incredible re-sources that early adapters were exposed to.

So I will try to do my little part here and share some of the talks of one of my favorite speakers, Sir Ken Robinson.  If you have never seen any of Sir Ken’s talks, you should probably start with the iconic Do Schools Kill Creativity? Some are famous and have been sent around the web millions of times, and some are lesser known.  I always enjoy listening to Sir Ken, even if once I wrote that he was wrong 😉

I think the easiest way to access them is to click on the arrows on the right and left side of the video, and then the rest of the videos will show up at the bottom, or just go here for an easy to view list.

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