If a rooster laid an egg…

Last year I tried something new with my student teacher.  Each student teacher has to come for a “meeting” before being accepted.  Last spring I decided to add a twist.  I had a group of kids formulate a series of the ten most important questions they thought a prospective teacher should be asked–I did not censor them in any way.  When the student teacher was suppose to come in I was “late” at a meeting so the kids went to the office and brought her to our room.  Since I was “late,” they decided to start the interview without me 😉   When their interview was over I came in and sent them to class, and completed my Q &A session.  At the end of the day I debriefed the kids.  Amazing that the conclusions they came to after 15 minutes were the same that took me 15 weeks! Below are the questions they asked.

Ice Breaker– If a rooster laid an egg on the peak of a roof, which way does the egg fall?

Question 1– Why do you want to be a Teacher?
Question 2– What do you know about Middle School students?
Question 3– What goals do you wish to accomplish by being a student teacher?
Question 4– Did you have a past teacher friend or relative who inspired you to be a teacher?
Question 5– Are you or do you wish to be a creative or a book work teacher?

Question 6– What is your main reason for being a social studies teacher for middle school students?
Question 7– If there was ever a situation where a student was missing his/her homework how would you handle it?
Question 8– What do you feel students need to know to complete grade 8?
Question 9– Why do you want to teach middle school students?
Question 10- Did you or do you feel pressured after this interview and questions?

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