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My daughter showed me a video a couple weeks ago(embedded below, or see it here), and then I showed it to my students.  Within the first 60 seconds we had an idea about using this video for a crazy collaborative project.  My kids would like to extend the invitation to other classes or individuals to sing any portion of the song and send us the video so that we can mash them all together. The video would show the participants singing(lyrics), the audio would be from the real song.  There was also an idea that if you video yourself or class singing the chorus that after each  “one day” in the chorus a sign would be held up with a dream for the future on it.   We are going to film ourselves singing it during March, and then do the editing at the end of the month.  Please leave us a comment letting us know if you are going to take part or send your video to moranmustangs@gmail.com Don’t worry about your singing because the audio in your video will be muted…kind of like this one or this one. Also, make sure the music is playing when you record it because if your lips don’t sync with the words in the real song it will be hard to use.  Even if you don’t want to do video, please send us just a still shot of you sending a message with your wish for “One Day” like the one below:

one day signs

Or a video submission like this one from Romania–remember, the audio will be edited out!

Please join us!

Matisyahu – One Day from 100% on Vimeo.

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