Dear Parents,

Yesterday was the  last day with my kids…today I sent this to their parents.

Dear parents,

I don’t know what the future will bring, but I do know that it will be up to your kids to create it.  I envision it as a lump of clay in their hands that can be molded into anything they can dream of.  After spending one year with your kids I have no fears about the future.  Your kids will create something wonderful. They are kind and they are funny.  They brought me smiles everyday, and tears at the end.  They pushed me to think about how I need to teach in the future, and made me remember how important each and every day is.  After an incredibly difficult year last year, they have rekindled my love of teaching, and taught me that the things in life that matter most are not found in a text book.  On the final evaluation, one student wrote, “I am sure you learned as much from us as we learned from you.”  I certainly did learn a lot from them this year–they have each left a mark on me in a special way.  You have all done a great job getting them to this point, trust them.  They will make more mistakes, and some of them might be big.  They will continue to push, and push…and push you.  That is their job.  Don’t let go.  They are all entering that scary place in life where you will not always be there to hold them up, but you can always be there to help them up after they fall.  I only had them for a year, and you only get them for a few more before they move off to do incredible things.  Please don’t let them settle for pretty good, because in fact I think they are all pretty great.

Paul Bogush
Social Studies

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