Good Enough…

On the last day of school I do a series of stories, poems, songs and a gift that woven all together create a goodbye message to the kids.

This year I removed some parts, and added others.  Below is a song (a play on Charles Osgood’s poem entitled Good Enough) that I added this year that comes right after this story.  If you clicked on the link, I don’t just tell the story but do it with a couple of jars, rocks of various sizes, and sand. As I tell the story I connect it to the past year, and then future years and use examples from their life.  Then we talk about the difficulty in making your “dreams” come true, and how many kids just settle for “pretty good.”  I then sing the song below, take a little about it and then give them a crayon.  I’ll let you figure out why they get a crayon.
Pretty Good by paulbogush

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