Fantasy Teacher League

I am looking for participants to join me in the first ever Fantasy Teacher League (FTL).  Now that more and more teachers’ performances are getting tied to test scores and being made public, I believe we will have data on enough teachers to have our first first draft this fall.  It will follow the basic format of most baseball, basketball, and football fantasy leagues.

Each participant will be the owner of their team.  They must pick one superintendent and administrator for their team.  We will only have a middle school league this year, so each owner will pick one social studies, science, math, language arts, foreign language, physical education, and special education teacher.  Each owner may also pick one teacher for their special teams such as a language speech pathologist, a social worker, or a shop teacher.  No art or music teachers are allowed in the draft.  Only one National Board Certified teacher is allowed per team, three Teach for America teachers, and one alternate certification teacher.  You may pick charter school teachers only if you are a registered Republican.  A foreign born teacher is allowed only if the foreign language is Chinese.  We will be compiling the rankings using the following stats:

  1. increase in test scores for entire class
  2. increase in test scores for students with free lunch
  3. increase in test scores for students from one parent homes
  4. increase in test scores for students with short hair
  5. increase in test scores for students who did not increase their test scores
  6. increase in test scores for students from Bolivia
  7. increase in test scores for left handed students
Only scores for writing and math will be used.  District scores will be used for Superintendents, and school scores will be used for administrators.
Membership in the FTL for the 2011-2012 season is free thanks to a generous donation from the Gates foundation.

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