Hello, remember when, a thought, do me a favor…

I love getting emails and visits from ex-students.  They all usually follow a similar pattern.  They usually start off with a brief hello, followed by some random fact or story they remembered from class that I long since forget telling them, then a deep thought that shows that maybe…just maybe…I am still stuck in their head, and then they finish by asking for a favor.  I received an email today that followed that same awesome pattern.  CJ asked for a unique favor at the end of his email…any advice for him?

Dear Mr. Bogush,

First off- The first president of harvard was buried with a tansy wreath on his head.
Secondly- I am currently engaged in a youtube competition at Sheehan. The rules are simple, make  a video about a book, that is under a minute long. The video with the most views NEXT friday at 2:00 wins. The winner receives a free kindle.  Today as I was brainstorming ideas to increase views I thought of you, so I googled Blogush. This caused an interesting internal dialogue,
I found your post on grass. That post made me think. At first I thought, “If only Sheehan teachers cared less about test scores and weight and more about the grass” but then I started to really think. What if they did, I thought to myself “if teachers at Sheehan DID grow the most premium grass and presented it on a golden platter, would I eat it?  I came to the conclusion that if I spent the same amount of time eating grass as I did worrying about my weight, that I would be far better off.
ANYWAY- If you could assist me by marketing my video to a crowd I otherwise would not be able to reach that would be GREATLY appreciated, also, if you have any ideas on how to better market my video, please tell me. I am willing to try anything.
Here is a link to my video
If you have any advice for one of my favorites, let him know in the comments, he’ll be checking in here to see what people have to say.

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