In bed with the enemy…

Today I was given a copy of a test question example that will be used for common core assessment in Connecticut made by SBAC.  You can view it here, and if you go to page twenty you can see the question.  There are two groups vying to make the tests.  PARC and SBAC.  The leader of SBAC could have been Secretary of Education but Arne got in her way.

The question let’s the students use three sources to determine their answer to the following:

Your assignment:
You will read a short story and article, watch a video, review research statistics, then write
an argumentative essay about your opinion on virtual schools.

To complete this the students get to use three sources.

1-A short story from Isaac Asimov
2-A video showing a clip from NBC news
3-And a link to data on a website from

Let’s take a look at the sources…

Honestly I don’t know about Isaac Asimov…I will let you investigate his history 🙂

The video is from the Youtube channel of Connections Academy.  It is a clip from NBC news.  I will not go into the background of NBC news and education, that’s been out there and easy to find.  Let’s just say that in their education nation their aren’t many educators.  Connections Academy is a virtual school in 14 states with over 40,000 students.  So it’s safe to say that on a virtual school’s Youtube channel you would probably only find things that support virtual schools.  Connections Academy is owned by…go ahead…for those of you following the money behind the Common Core Standards take a guess…

If you guessed Pearson you are correct.

Let’s look at the third source.  Data from the website  Some of the sponsors of are…go ahead and guess…

The Florida Virtual School, Virtual High School Global Consortium, National Repository of Online Classes, and…

Pearson. is organized by Evergreen Education Group.  It is a private advisory firm.  Among their clients are iNacol, National Association of Charter School Organizers, Florida Virtual School, eCollege, and…Pearson.  Pearson also owns eCollege. Evergreen has five full time staff members.  John Watson worked for Pearson.  Chris Rapp worked for eCollege, Amy Murin worked for eCollege, and Butch Germin worked for Monterey Institute for Technology and Education.

What we have is not a test question, but an advertisment.  What I don’t get is that SBAC chose McGraw Hill to write their 12,000 test questions.  I guess no one at Pearson writes questions.

If some of the names above don’t sound familiar, or if you think these are random coincidental connections, I have written about other Common Core connections here…and about the Common Core disclaimer, yes there is a disclaimer, here.

I don’t think anyone would teach using a unit on tolerance given to them by the enemies of civil rights.  No teacher would put up with that.  But yet, teachers (including myself) will start off this year fully supporting the Common Core in the classroom.  I feel as though every day when I come home I need to take a shower, because I have spent my day in bed with the enemy.

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