I think I am getting twitterpated with my administrators.

I used to use twitter a lot in the classroom.  We did the tweeting with “experts,” and announced to the world to come watch us perform live, but also followed and engaged with folks trying to survive the tsunami in Japan, we watched the tweets from people in Egypt as bullets crashed through their windows, and herd the voices of those occupying Wall Street.

And then our window on the world was closed.  The system blocked all access to twitter. was always blocked, they upped the filter to block any website that we can use for twitter.

But now there is hope…

This year my superintendent joined twitter @salmenzo (who also just started a tumblr!)
My assistant superintendent for instruction joined twitter @ellenecohn
My assistant superintendent for personal joined twitter @janguarino1
My new principal just spent an hour with me going over twitter @JAPiacentini
My new assistant principal will soon have a twitter account (updated…she’s on! @foss_j12)

And some teachers are getting on and sticking around @rob_kovi and @nickives and @odonnell24 and @cfries

If you are a twitter person…do me a big favor and follow some of the folks above.  You would be helping them, but I am really asking for a more selfish reason…you would be helping me.  If you can help show them the value in social media, and collaboration, and networking, it makes it easier for my crazy ideas to be accepted.  If twitter was to be unblocked and accepted…I wonder what would be next?

After the hour I just spent with @JAPiacentini I suddenly feel like there is some hope.  Whenever someone asks me about twitter I never actually help until they ask three times.  The first time is usually just a polite gesture that I have basically forced them into.  No one has ever asked me twice.  After meeting with both admins a few weeks ago and of course sticking twitter into the conversation, I had emails from both requesting a tour of twitter, and a week later, another email from both.  I have some hope now…not that all my admins will be twitter addicts, but that all of my admins are open to change and learning new things.  Yes, standardized testing will reign supreme in our state of Connecticut, especially since we received our NCLB waiver and now SPI will be our mantra (post on SPI coming up), but for the moment I can have hope that my admins also are starting to see the value in social media and other technologies, and that might lead to other pedagogies, which might lead to a reliance not on SPI and RTI and SRBI, but maybe a movement to PI, ILD, CL, CSCL, PBL, UDL, and especially PLC.

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