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Wayyy back when (8 years ago?) I first started publishing with kids on the internet we used coded names like softballkid251.  Then about four years later we moved to first name with a code like PaulG309.  Then a couple years later we moved to first name, last initial like PaulB.  Last year we published nearly 500 videos, 1000s of blog posts, and countless other things out on the internet, but a google search of any of my students’ names will not track back to nearly 95% of what we published. This year that will change.  This year I decided to do something I have always wanted to do…allow kids to publish under their real names.

The move this year was prompted by Lisa Nielson’s post entitled the World’s simplest online policy.  I needed one more nudge to push to the limit of what folks around here believe is acceptable.  I think that some parents are ready, and the ones that are not will be ok with their kid’s classmates doing it.  I explained this new policy to some parents at a social studies specific meeting this past week, and will do it again at open house.  So far I have had ten permission slips turned it, and I am eager to see how many more I get after open house next Tuesday.

Lisa’s policy was very simple, and I think I ended up making my more complicated and wordy than I had too.  Below is what I handed out…we’ll see how it goes.  I am hoping that at least 50% of the parents will be willing to take this big step forward, and let their kids publish using their real name.

Publish Using Real Name

Update 9/11/12 I have collected 84 forms from 130 kids.

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