A safe place to be yourself??

First I sent a tweet asking my admin if I could use an image from a skype call in an upcoming blog post…

Then came the request.   See…I never really think about anyone I know reading my blog, least of all my admin.


So I tried to stall and get out of sending the link…

But he was not be outsmarted.  Persistant guy…dang.  Now what?

When I started blogging I knew that no one I knew would ever read it.  Yes, I get the whole “it’s out there on the internet thing,” but the reality was that no one I knew was going to bother reading a blog.  Now my admins, my super and ass’t super, along with scattered teachers all joined twitter in the last month.  I have already found myself censoring what I say and holding back on Twitter.  I have deleted multiple tweets in the last month.  The reality is that we work in a district that prides itself on consistency and I worry about my tweets that don’t fit the mold.  Will that start happening with my blog?  I know they follow people who have tweeted out my posts before, so they are bound to find it eventually.


My posts certainly do not fit into the norms of the district.  I do realize that in my role as employee, I must support what the district supports when I am working.  I am not one that believes in not following an order, I choose to be in the district, and if I can’t handle supporting initiatives that go against my personal ethics then it is me who should leave.  But my blog has been a place for me to be me…and now I wonder if that can continue without any backlash.


I do feel totally and completely safe with @japiacentini, my principal, reading my blog.  He is one of the most open and receptive people I have ever met in administration and if you are on twitter follow him.  While I include his tweets in this post to help tell the story, what should not be lost is how cool it is that within the first month of school he is on twitter and going to start a blog (notice the wording there?).  But I am worried about people in my district who do not know me judging me solely on what I write, and making assumptions about what I do.

I changed the theme on my blog last month and when that happened I lost my tagline that had been there for a long, long time.  It said “Blogush…a safe place to be yourself.”

Now I don’t even feel safe here.

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