Why I love middle school #4

I was walking down the hall last week sporting my brand new t-shirt.

One of my students stopped me and said “cool t-shirt.”  I was so excited that a middle school kid understood what was written.  I was even more excited that he was obviously going to follow up his comment with a conversation.  He obviously had such a deep thought coming…

“Mr. Bogush, he is so cool.”

“I agree.”

“I have just never seen him without hair.”

“Huh…I have never seen in a picture with his hair!  You must have seen a picture of him when he was younger.”

“Maybe, but the pictures of him with his hair make him look so cool.”

“You’ll have to show me one someday.”

“I will, either way, he was a cool musician.”

“Gee, I never knew he was a musician!”

“Mr. Bogush…seriously?  You didn’t know Beethoven was a musician?”



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