The 10 Levels of Twitter

Level 0 — Trying to figure out something for yourself
Level 1 — Asking others in your building for help
Level 2 — Getting on Twitter to read about how others do it…
Level 3 — Tweeting directly with the tweeters of the stuff you have read on twitter
Level 4 — Meeting those people over skype for a conversation
Level 5 — Collaborating on something new with those individuals
Level 6 — Attending conferences where all the people you have been reading show up at once
Level 7 — Curating new conference relationships so that they continue after the conferences
Level 8 — Those relationships spawn personal and collaborative innovation
Level 9 — You become one of those people that Level 2 people read about on twitter
Level 10 — You go back to Level 0 and start all over again…

The post is about Twitter, but it could be replaced by any type of social media, ning, blog, etc.  The hardest level…2.

The greatest challenge is to move beyond the point of joining just so that you can “get” information…or joining so that you can “give” information.  In the words of the great @intrepidteacher


It is truly about the people you meet and their impact on your life…and your impact on theirs.  If you are same person after joining twitter than you were when you joined, you just aren’t gettin’ it.  I don’t mean smarter, not just more informed or up-to-date… twitter can alter the way you see yourself in the mirror.  It can alter your definition of yourself.  It can help shift your goals and change your dreams.

Just putting stuff out there will not have an impact.  It’s all about the people you’ll meet.

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