…every other teacher.

Today I was doing a mental walk-through with my student teacher’s first day (it’s tomorrow!!!!) and we got to the part where his first class walks in, they all get settled, and I asked…”What will your first words be?”

I am big into fist words, first impressions, first days, first days back from vacation, etc.  Research is now saying first impressions are made within 1/10 of a second!!  He responded by saying “Welcome back everyone, I am Mr. Smith.”


“What do you think they expect you to say?”

“Welcome back everyone, I am Mr. Smith.”

“Exactly…do you want to be what they expect?  Do you want them to expect that you will be just like every other teacher?”

I received an email from him asking for a bit of a mental push, and this is what I wrote:

Think about the message(s) you are conveying about yourself with something like what is written below…Does your first impression connect you with them?  Does it make them smile?  Does it make them want to be with you tomorrow?  Does it make you human?

(leaning over desk, both palms on table, dead serious, start with neutral voice that allows you plenty of space to get loud, soft, serious, pause, speed up)

Let’s start…

I have a confession…

I am so scared.


are my very


first class…


like ever.

But not only am I scared…

I am ridiculously excited.

Because someday

someday when I am old and gray…

even grayer than Mr bogush who tries to hide it by cutting his hair really really short…

Someday when I am old and gray I am going to look back and remember that this


is where

it all started.

I hope that the next ten weeks will be just as awesome for you

as they will be for me.


Who’s Joe Santilli?
Hi Joe…
Joe what’s one thing I should know about you?

Take the above and use it, chop it, mash it, throw it out…or just smile and say welcome.

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