I sold my soul for rock n’ roll….

 I sold my soul for rock n’ roll…and it felt goooood. 

Tuesday there was a knock at my door.  Another teacher asked me if I was willing to play in a faculty band at a pep rally two days later.  A chance to rock, on stage, cheering minions…I might even have to get a tattoo.  The fact that I can’t really play guitar had no bearing on my decision.  The fact that it was for a standardized test pep rally could not darken my excitement.  I was going to sell my soul to rock n’ roll despite the fact that I was going to the dark side.  The standardized testing Devil had found a way for me to promote his work, known as the Connecticut Mastery Test (CMT).
The whole experience made me think of this song from my youth:

I was not going to get a golden fiddle, but simply 15 minutes of feeling like a rock star.

The band got together and rehearsed for fifteen minutes after a faculty meeting on Wednesday.  I am pretty sure we didn’t even get through the entire song once, but luckily we had a couple real musicians in the band that could carry us.  I play my guitar about three times a year, never standing up, which resulted in my aging hand cramping up.  Luckily the song could be reduced to three of the simplest chords played in the simplest way.

As one of the teachers said, “It was no coincidence that the teachers that were up on stage are some of those most vocal denouncers of the test and also among those that try hardest to give the students a unique memorable experience in their classroom.”  That latter trait led us to sell our souls because we knew that this was more than just a pep rally for the devil.  It was a chance to have fun with the kids.  A chance for all of the students who don’t have us to see teachers in a different light.  It was a chance for everyone in the school to clap along to the same beat, put on a big smile, share the same laughs, and feel awesome for 15 minutes despite that fact that they would be sitting taking tests for the next two straight weeks.  In my daughter’s words after watching the video, “I love when teachers do this sorta thing.”

So, without further ado…

You wanted the best, you got the best, the greatest band in the world….Phil n’ the Bubbles!!!!!

Faculty Band performance from Moran Middle School CMT Pep Rally from Moran Mustangs on Vimeo.


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