I am intrigued by the idea of passion.

Is it the most important thing a teacher can have?

I am intrigued by what is passion? how do we develop one? how do we discover one?

What is a teacher’s role in students’ passion? in developing one…in helping them discover one.

I wonder if passion is the most important characteristic of someone considering becoming a teacher, in college, just starting, or a 30 year veteran…

I started making a video for one group in school and it wasn’t going to be used so I tweaked it a bit for this post.

While anyone could get something from the video, I would be particularly interested in discussing it with pre-service teachers.

Without passion…what is a teacher?

Without passion…what are students?


The first video below is the longer rawking version, the second is the quieter, shorter version.

Passionate Teachers from Paul Bogush on Vimeo.



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