And now introducing…

I was invited to give my Body Talk at the Literacy for Life Conference put on by the Literacy Volunteers of New Jersey, and received this email: 

Hi Paul,

Can you send me a brief bio that your workshop host can use to introduce you
at the conference? (Each session has a facilitator to introduce, pass around
sign in, pass around and collect evals at the end.)


Whoa…it was harder than I thought…actually I found it impossible and gave up.  I finally put my computer into a students hands.  After getting it back and writing an intro/outro to her words, I have to share it.  Mostly because I want to keep writing about data mining and common core tests, and need at least one post this month not dedicated to that 😉 So here it is:

Paul spent two months trying to write a bio for me to read. There were 329 drafts. Seriously, he wouldn’t make something like that up.  He then asked his wife to write one for him.  He got back a list of all the things that he still needed to do around the house.  He then asked his daughter to write one.  She said, “dad, you always told me not to have someone else do your homework for you.”  In an act of desperation, he handed his computer over to one of his students who always was calling him annoying.  He figured she would love to get back at him and write his bio.  He was right.  She wrote for five minutes and then handed him the following:

Paul Bogush is a remarkable man. His teaching methods are fun and unique, and he makes every class enjoyable. His energetic mood is infectious, and you can’t help but smile around him. He is very genuine, and is not strict or boring like other teachers. Everything he says is always stuck in your mind, because he delivers everything with boldness and confidence. He’s an all around incredible person, and makes learning ten times more fun than any other class. He will be dearly missed by not just me, but most of his students when we leave next year.

PS please send help, we weren’t very good listeners in homeroom this week so he has us in lock down every afternoon for a week.

While he couldn’t help noticing that she wrote this on the day he told her she was one point away from failing, he can confirm that most of what she said is spot on.  

Please welcome from Connecticut, Paul Bogush, an 8th grade social studies teacher, part time farmer, and someone who aspires to be as great as his students think he is…


A big thank you to Farwa my student, who made my day with this, and who tells me every day how annoying I am, but I guess that must be the new code word for super cool 🙂

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