186 Videos that will make you go Huh, Whoa, Wow, Ahhh, and Ha-Ha

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Four years ago I wrote a post simply called 99 Videos that will make you go Huh, Whoa, Wow, Ahhh, and Ha-Ha.  I decided to reincarnate that post because many of the videos are no longer on the internet, some of the sites have gone under, and I have always wanted to get to an even 100.

Videos play an important role in my class (well not so much this year, because of something I can’t write about here, but they will continue again next year 🙂  They serve as much more than a time filler (ok maybe sometimes), they are played for more than just cheap laughs (although I am a big fan of cheap laughs), and they all usually have some point to them (maybe the snoring dog video has no point).

Yes conversations can bond people, yes sharing personal stories can create a common bond between people…but so can video if used carefully and purposely.  There are right and wrong times to show videos in class.  There are times I connect the video to the current unit, and times when they are just used to start off class and there is no connection to the unit.

At all times though they are used to have the entire class share the same emotion and thoughts.  Sharing any emotion or thought together as a class creates some kind of therapeutic bond.  Afterwards the class always takes a step closer together.  It especially happens after watching a video that makes us laugh together.  Humor extends our connections in a way that no other emotion can.  Humor creates an inclusive atmosphere.  Being able to laugh together in the classroom is not only relaxing, but a unique bond between teacher and student is created.  Laughter creates equality and strips away the fake facades that so many students erect.  While the class is laughing together there are no cliques, there are no bullies, there are no runts.  At that moment everyone realizes that we all share something in common and reveals that fact that we are more alike than different.

While many might say staring off class with a random video is a waste of time (no way!), almost every video can be used for a specific purpose.  There are days when we just need to laugh.  There are days in which kids have a creative block and a certain video might be shown in an attempt to remove the block. There are days in which the kids just need three minutes to not think about homework, exams, and all the other non-stop stuff that school throws at them.  I know there is a difference in the class after showing a video.  Yes, it might take 4 minutes, but the remaining 41 minutes are always more valuable.  I am finding that to be especially true with our schedule.  There just simply is not a break. A kid can be mentally stimulated for hour after hour with no break to simply be.  Sometimes we are way too busy in school to learn, and a video can slow us down and open minds that were previously closed with exhaustion.

What follows are some of our (mine) favorite videos.  There is one for each day of school, assuming that you have 186 days and assuming I have counted right. The category I placed the videos into might simply be how I use it in class, and many videos cross categories. Some are short, some are long.  While almost most videos are appropriate for any age group, I would recommend watching them first before using in an elementary school.  Let me know if I screwed up a link, and please leave any videos that make you go Huh, Wow, Ahhh, and Ha-ha in the comments and I will add them when I update this post in 2017.

Videos that make us think:

Mankind is no Island

Brown Eyes/Blue Eyes
Did you Know?
Piano Stairs

Dove Evolution
Kaplan U Desks
Do Schools Kill Creativity?
Just One Girl
Micheal Jordon-Failure
The Deepest Garbage Can
The Years are Short

Stuck on an Elevator
The Money Tree
Dear 16 Year Old me
Staring Contest
Power of Words
Be a Follower
Instant Face Maker
Girl and the Fox
Butterfly Circus (if you are going to watch only one…)

I Can’t Read…
Knock Knock
Dear 16 Year Old Me

Why I Hate School but Love Education
I will not let an exam determine my fate

Videos that inspire us:

I Love Living Life
Try to Do
Be the Change You Want to See in the World
Together We Can Change the World
Blind Painter
Free Hugs
Dustin carter
Pep Talk from Kid President to You
Caines Arcade
K id Speech
Think Different
Everyone needs to wear sunscreen
I Hope You See This
Human Shadows

Videos that amaze us:

LED Sheep Herding
Time Warp

Paul the Opera Singer
Breaking Wine Glass

Boyanka Angelova
One in Million Chance
Human Shadow Puppets
Giant Water Slide
Dominoes in the Kitchen
Greatest Car Advertisement Ever
Test Your Awareness 1
Test Your Awareness 2
Test Your Awareness 3
Test Your Awareness 4
Bruce Lee Table Tennis
Golf Ball Reaches Terminal Velocity`

Optical Illusion Dance
Tractor Trailer Mishap

Largest Glacier Calving Ever
Grinding the Crack
Biggest Surf Wave Ever
Dubstep Beatboxer
Ball Camera
Stop Motion
Top Secret Drum Corp
One Man Band
VW Factory
Hearing for the First Time
Coke and Mentos Car
Time Warp Balloon
Breaking a wineglass
Inspired Bicycles
Free Style Football
Wolf’s Law
60 Seconds in a Skate Park
Chalk Art
Mind Blowing Dance
Painting Reality
Animation on a Bike
Evolution of Music
Sand Art
Google Street View Hyperlapse
View from ISS at night
Dream Music
Moon Walk
Tony vs Paul
Stop Motion
On Top of the Hood
I believe I can Fly
Experience Human Flight
Experience Scootering
I Believe I Can Fly 2
Live Augmented Reality

Videos that make us ask questions:

Steven Levitt: Why do crack dealers still live with their moms?
Gever Tulley: 5 dangerous things you should let your kids do
Built to Last
What teachers make
Lost Generation
Don’t Eat the Marshmallow Yet
Vision of Students Today
Vision of K-12 Students Today
The Kid No One Wanted
Power of Simple Words
Behind the scenes at McDonalds Photo Shoot

Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us
Why you need to fail
The Majestic Plastic bag

Take My Ball and Go Home

Videos that get us to laugh together:

Cat Herding
Life after Death by Powerpoint

Food Fight

The Invisible Rope
Thou Shalt Laugh
Trouble in Paradise
Ron Lucas and Big Dummy
Electric face Stimulus
Basset Hound Beat Box
Martians Meet a Clock
Everything is Amazing and Nobodys Happy
Mr. Bean-Pool
Bill Cosby-Dentists
Five Minute University
Barking Fish
Football vs Baseball
Charlie the Unicorn
Rabbit (ok, maybe not funny but frightening)
We’re Sinking
Sneak Thief

Why you should think before you text
Pigeon Impossible
Entr Kazoo Man
Introducing the Book
Stupid Terrorist
Slinky on Treadmill

Dramatic Surprise 1
Dramatic Surprise 2
Evian Babies
Bulldog Snorting
Ojai Taxidermy
Lighthouse vs Ship
Gotta Share the Musical
Invisible Drumkit
Flying Fish
Marcel the Shell with shoes on
Worst Ice Skater
Funny Animals
Frozen Grand Central
Spy vs Guy
Kiss Cam

Safer in Groups
Inflated Animals
Baby and Me
Duck Heart
Mouth Open

Marcel with Shoes on Two
Fluffy McCloud

Cumulus and Nimbus
Give it a ponder 1
Give it a ponder 2

Give it a ponder 3
Give it a ponder 4
Parallel Parking
Bless You
Uncle Jack (not for all audiences)


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