“Mr. Bogush, are you gonna blog it?”

Today the last kids presented what they learned for their Legacy Project.  Called that because it is the last thing they will remember from class, and they need to leave a mark behind.  I gave them a very complicated rubric:

Seriously? = F
Good enough = 60
Pretty good = 70
Nice job = 80
Whoa = 90
A tear = 100

They did research and a traditional essay complete with internal citations, etc…and then they had to present to the class a little about what they learned.  It was not meant to be a preso on everything they learned, just to give the class some insight into what they explored.  Some kids wrote poems an just a single aspect of their research, some presented images and explored them with the class, and there were assorted videos.

The kids know that I often write blog posts about what they do, usually things I am a little extra proud of.  After showing his video today, one student beaming pride asked, “Mr. Bogush, are you going to blog it?”

Yes Jake…I will blog it…and one more from class too. Jake’s is the first video…make sure you watch past the credits 🙂

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