911…Kindergarten has been hijacked

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Out of the 135 people that were involved in writing the common core standards, not one was an early childhood or K-3 teacher.  Not one.  I wonder how the K-3 standards will play out in schools.

Whenever I start the year, I remind myself that all great teaching is a call to action.  Each year it has become harder and harder to get kids to answer that call.  I understand why.  Current classrooms are simply becoming place to go through the motions.

Today we need to cover this standard.
Tonight you must do this homework.
We need to stop tomorrow to take the district writing prompt.
The unit must be finished by Tuesday.
Everyone needs to hand in the same product tomorrow so data can be collected.
No we can’t discuss Syria, because it is not on the test.

Kids will be much smarter because of the common core.  They will learn writing, math, and science years earlier than past generations.  Unfortunately, when it is time for action…when the time comes and their family, community, or country needs someone to take action, I wonder if there will be anyone there to answer the call.  We will produce a generation of common core lemmings.

I would like to once again offer a challenge to any teacher…take the standards and examine them in the same way you would want your kids to examine a primary source document.  Examine the authors, the funding, the deals, the corporations, the government’s role, the propaganda, the proponents…connect the dots.

All teaching is a call to action…common core and all the policies, training, testing, mandates, worksheets, workbooks, practice testing, weeks of high stakes testing, evaluations, reforms, and scripted district units with every kid producing the same end product is forced submission.

All teaching is becoming a call to inaction.  And from the looks of it so far, we are doing a damn good job.

You have heard the cries for more creativity, more innovation, the entrepreneurial spirit.  Sorry, more creativity is not the answer.  Being more innovative is not the answer.  We need action, not more stuff.  Whenever we discuss our communities and world’s problems in class inevitably the kids always say “If people would just stop/start doing _____ there would not be a problem.”  No kid ever mentions creating a new program, widget, or using some innovative idea.  They see that taking action is more important than creating something new to avoid root of the problem.

Be subversive, not submissive.

All great teaching is a call to action…will your kids be ready to take action when called??

You can find more of my common core posts by clicking here.

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