Life is the most difficult test…

life is a test

Every year I start of with one sign above my door…slowly more are added as we do things throughout the year.  This year I will have the image above…it is a play on a famous “internet” quote.  Last year I had “Why be normal?”  hung upside down above my door.

What is the first thing kids will see before they walk into your room?

You have .7 of a second to make a first impression…what impression will you make before they even sit down??

Class will not start with your first words…by that time every kid in the room will have judged you, and that judgement will last for 30 days despite what you do.

How will you control that first seven tenths of second??

It’s the little things that will make a difference.  Before you unveil that big video you made, before the scavenger hunt, before the icebreaker, before your opening amazing lesson that you took you a month to plan, you you will have the opportunity to do 50 little things…those are the things to worry about.  Those are the things that will determine how kids accept and perceive your big amazing opening.

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