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“How can it be that future plumbers, information technology personnel, graphic designers, certified auto mechanics, pastry chefs, entrepreneurs, teachers, home health aides, commercial airline pilots, film-makers, or the tens of thousands of other possible careers–some of which have not even been invented yet–require mastery of the same curriculum with the dame emphasis and at the same level of difficulty?”
Christopher Tienken

The most popular post I have ever written was on making RSA style videos with my kids.  On the days in which I do not post something new, it accounts for over 50% of visitors.  The posts I have written on the common core state standards all combined account for maybe 1% of visitors (I made up both of those percentages, but I am sure if I kept track of things they would be pretty darn accurate).  

The RSA videos were pretty neat….and here is a secret that I didn’t include in the post, it was a last second decision to do them with my kids.  While trying to come up with ideas for that unit I started a week in advance, and everything I came up with I hated.  I scrapped two other ideas that I had almost fully written out.  It was close to midnight on the day before I needed the unit, and I trashed yest another idea.  Finally about 12:30am, I came up with replicating the RSA videos that I had seen with Ken Robinson and Daniel Pink.  It was probably 1:30am when I finally went to bed, I devised a roll-out for my first day 5 hours later which included watching other RSA videos so that I continue to work on the idea the next night.  It was truly a least second idea.  

Next year I will not be able to have last second ideas.  And I would like to stress that this is not a post about my school system, teachers in systems all around me implementing ccss units will not be able to have last second ideas.  This spring, and all of next year I will be told what my assessments will be.  Performance tasks that could last for days. New ideas would have to be put up before a curriculum committee, then approved by a few different people above the group and then maybe implemented next year. If I wake up one day with a great new idea for a project I won’t be able to do it.  If I go to a conference and someone tells me about an awesome thing they are doing, I cannot come back to school and replicate it. I will miss coming up with last second ideas…I have to admit, that most of the things we do in class are usually created just days before we start them, and created specifically for the group of student in front of me, and intimately connected to what the kids did in the last one.  No more last second ideas, but maybe a whole lot more sleep.

I don’t understand how there are more tweets and posts written by teachers about how evil the Bammies were then there are about the implementation of the common core state standards.  Please watch the video below with Christopher Tienken.

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