What’s a picture worth to parents?

A couple years ago my school celebrated it’s fiftieth birthday.  It was amazing to see how the amount of “artifacts” on display were primarily from the first 40 years.  As it got easier to do things digitally, it also became easier to misplace, delete, and lose the ability to display many of the digital records.  The easier it became to record history, the more likely it was to disappear.

At the end of the quarter I take many of the pictures and videos that I have taken and compile them into a “highlight reel” for the parents.  It has been my goal the last two years to get my camera out, even for the “little things.”  While the first marking period does not have many extravagant activities, the pictures do make a nice window for the parents to look through to get a peek into the lives of their kids on on our team.  As one parent said, “it’s nice to hear all about the school day, friends, and lunch, but’s it’s really nice to finally see it!”

Below is the email I sent to the parents with the video embedded underneath it.

“Sometimes your joy is the source of your smile, but sometimes a smile can be the source of your joy. “

There is one thing that has stuck out about the kids on team 8-1 this year…their smiles. They walk in smiling on Monday (probably because they are so happy to see their teachers) and walk out of school smiling on Friday afternoon (probably because they are so excited about seeing their parents).   Their smiles, their enthusiasm, and their kindness towards one another bring us joy on a daily basis (and because they gave us some of their Halloween candy!).   They have been a joy to work with and we look forward to three more quarters with them.  

Your kids will never be who you want them to be, but who you are.  This team is a reflection of all of the parents, and all of the hard work that you have put into them before they even set foot onto the third floor.  We thank you for that hard work, we can certainly say that it has paid off.   

Below is a link to many of pictures and videos that have been taken of your kids this year. There are still many camera shy students, so if you do not see your child in this video, they are sure to appear in a future highlight reel.  You will notice three guest appearances in the video. Dr Menzo appears singing at 2:15, Shawn Parkhurst the Ass’t Superintendent for Curriculum appears at 2:30, and Colin McNamara the Ass’t Superintendent of Personnel makes an appearance at 2:00.  

We hope that you enjoy the video and all of their smiles in it.



Team 8-1

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