Instagramification of history…

Another experiment from this year..

I have been trying to figure out how to mess around with Instagram in class.  I experimented by giving the kids the following two images with Paul Revere and a picture taken after the “Shot Heard Round the World:”

Paul Revere InstagramShot Heard Round the World Instagram

They simply had to fill out the bottoms and include hastags. I left the directions wide open to see where they would go.  There were some that were so incredibly witty and wise, and others that just wrote factual summary comments.

Shot Heard Round the world

It was a fun quick assignment that in the future I think I will use again…I am just not sure why…yet.  There is something here.  Before they write they have to brainstorm the key vocab words that they will use.  I think this can be used as an aid where they can write their key words as hastags..just not yet sure how to make it valuable…maybe it is not?

Link to Paul Revere file.

And I did ask permission from the photographer to use his image in the instagram above 🙂

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