Should I sell my soul for rock n’ roll?

Last year there was a knock at my door.  I was asked to play at the ultimate standardized testing pep rally.  Please take a minute and read about the experience before moving on…click here–> Yes right here

I was just asked to do it again.  I don’t know if I can…if I should.  I detest the tests, common core, and all the ed-reforms more that probably any teacher in Connecticut.  How can I be seen having fun at a once-a-year event imploring students to go to sleep early, eat well, and try your best on a test that will count for nothing?  i already do so many things against my beliefs in order to “be a teacher,”  is being a part of a test prep rally again crossing the line?

So I have a simple question for you.  

Should I do it?

Is it worth selling my soul to just play five minutes of rock n’ roll?

What kind of example does it set for the kids?

Is it going counter to my new image that I include at the top of my posts?

Please let me know in the comments, especially you, yea you, the reader who has never left a comment.  Just a simple yes or no would suffice.

The video from last year is below, the band starts playing about 23 seconds into it.


Faculty Band “Phil n’ the Bubbles” performance from Moran Middle School CMT Pep Rally from Moran Mustangs on Vimeo.

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