It’s almost time…

It is almost time for the sbac test.  Close your libraries, shutter your computer labs, round up the computer carts and get them ready for testing.  As an added bonus make sure your school has purchase a shredder because sbac requires that if a student does use scrap paper, it must be collected and shredded.  

sbac has produced a great video called  “What is a field tests?” to tell the kids who they are, and why they are taking the test.  You can check it out here: click here. I especially like part 8 entitled “What’s in it for me?”  Check it out, or if you don’t have time it basically goes something like this:

So you may ask what is in it for me? You’re part of a one time never to happen again special group that is helping construct the next generation of tests for students across the nation. Plus by being a field tester you get a preview of the coming test just like software testers help create contests new products. It’ll be important to give your very best effort because that is how we will be able to make the assessment system as good as it can be. Think of it like trying out software and a review before the developers release it to everyone across the country.  You have important job in taking the field test doing your best on every question and helping make sure the system works well.  I know that you and Greg can do that, no problem. Enjoy giving the field test a try, or would that be fielding the tryout.  Whatever your preference, thanks for participating

The video made me miss being a kid again.  I could have been able to stop what I was doing in class for days in order to make future tests better!  I could have been doing the work of software testers!  I could have made sure the system works well!  I could have made the assessment system the best it could be!  I could have helped construct the next generation of tests!  

Wait a second…don’t real companies pay people to do that?  

Well at at least I now know the purpose of the test.


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