Smoke and mirrors…

In doing research on the groups that support the common core state standards, it has become obvious that so many are being kept afloat by money coming from just a few key sources.  There may be many parts to this ccss snake, but they all seem connected to the same head.  Recently I have noticed more pro-common core sites and twitter accounts.  One  in particular seemed to have no connection to the head.  The twitter account is a new Connecticut pro-ccss site that also uses an image from the official ccss site.  I did write to them to tell them the image was copyrighted, we’ll see if they take it down 🙂

Here is the twitter account: 

I also noticed a new pro-ccss Facebook page here

They both happened to be created on the same day.

Hmmm….same image on the top.  So I did a google search for the image, a little tough because I had to take the image and just crop out the middle without the stolen copyrighted image that appears on the side.  I found the image here:
That would be the site for the CT Council for Education Reform who already has a twitter account ( ) and a Facebook page ( ).

There is no evidence that they are connected other than using the same image and being connected on twitter as followers and CTforthecore started their account by retweeting a ctedreform tweet.  But it makes me wonder how many organizations will re-create themselves with additional websites and twitter accounts to make it appear as though support for ccss is building.

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