Help us “explore more…”

I have always wanted to be in a 1:1 classroom…a big dream of mine for years.
My kids and I have talked about it a lot this year.

We come to school each day wishing for more. 
We enter with a desire to make a difference, to learn, to explore. 
We don’t want to just read about countries, we want to visit more. 
We don’t want to just read about scientist’s discoveries, we want to meet more. 
We don’t want to just watch other people’s creations, we want to make our own products, share them with the world, and create more. 

Our world is bigger than a textbook. 
Our world is bigger than our classroom. 
Our world has towns, and villages, 
and hidden corners and things we have yet to discover. 
We are driven to find answers to our questions. 
We were born with a need to explore. 

We have dreams of a different world when we grow up. A world that has less pain and more smiles. A world that is interconnected. A world with a little more peace and a lot less war. 

We want to be a 1:1 class
So that we can learn anywhere and make the world our classroom. 
We were born dreamers, 
We were born to explore. 
We want to learn everywhere, 
and make it possible to learn from anyone, anytime. 

If we are to make a difference in this world, 
all we want the chance to do, 
is to have the opportunity to explore more. 

My students are impressive with the technology that I can bring into school, and with the tools that we can borrow. We now have the opportunity to make the presence of hands-on, interactive, collaborative tablets a permanent presence in our class so that we can explore and share outside of our four walls. We are one of ten finalists in the Acer Classroom Makeover Contest and have a chance to win 30 tablets.  The tablets will allow us to spontaneously bring relevant learning into our classroom and create a far richer authentic experience than we could with our textbooks. The tablets will be used to meet our desire to explore at all times. No more special projects based on when we could borrow someone else’s tools. 

My students want to make a difference in this world. 
My students need the opportunity to explore more. 
With the Acer classroom make over, 
every day, 
we will explore more.

We entered the video below into the contest.  Watch it.  If you like it and would like to help us out please go here and vote for us. We are James Moran Middle School–The Mustangs! Thank you.


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