It’s Complicated…

I have been reading a book by danah boyd (yes, lowercase letters for her name).  I am not even done with it but would like to recommend it to anyone who works with teens or has a teen.  The book is Its Complicated: The Social Lives of Networked Teens.  A link to buy the book is here.  You can also download it or read it as a PDF here.  If you don’t want to read the PDF on your PC, download the Kindle App to your tablet or phone.  Go to your Amazon account and click on your name, and then Manage Your Content and Devices.  Then in the column on the left click on Manage Your Devices.  If you have more than one device click on it and you will see it’s email.  Go to the PDF version of the book here, and right click save as an Adobe Acrobat Document.  Next email it to your device as an attachment with “convert” in the subject line.  It will now read just like any other book on your phone or smartphone.

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