No experience necessary…


I have three degrees.

I have taught for 23 years.

I have spent 10 years in the toughest urban school.

I have spent 13 years in the typical average suburban school.

I have taught with rules on the board and zero tolerance when broken.

I have taught in classrooms where no rules are needed.

I have given tests that last three days long as a behavior management technique (not proud of it).

I have taught in classrooms where there is total academic freedom.

I have spent years using the textbook everyday.

I have spent years never using a textbook.

I have taught without any money for anything.

I have taught where I can get a laptop cart whenever I wanted it (almost).

I have used construction paper and crayons for activities to decorate our walls.

I have used computers to connect with classroom and professional across the world.

I have done a lot.  

I have a lot of experience as a teacher.

I am and will always be amazed that my experience, and the experience of others like me is totally disregarded when making decisions impacting my kids.  I can talk with people making decisions about what I have to do in the classroom and describe in detail the negative impact it will have on student learning and I will be totally disregarded.  Somehow people who have just taught a few years know more than me. Somehow people who have NEVER taught know more than me.  

Is there any other field in which in order to be considered an expert no experience is needed?

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