Did I sell my soul for Rock n’ Roll?

Back in January I wrote a post “Should I sell my soul for Rock n’ Roll?”  Well after months of dragging our feet…Phil n’ the Bubbles decided the day before the sbac (no I will not capitalize it) rally that we would do it.  We picked a song, changed the song, and thirty minutes of practice later had it down…kind of.  

Every person on the stage was there to make kids smile.  Every kid in the audience was there to smile. After talking about it with the kids, it was not a rally for standardized testing, it was celebrating getting out of class 🙂  and the opportunity to have unstandardized fun for ten minutes. I had a lot of fun playing the g-tar, and the kids talked about it all day.

It’s too bad the only way we can pull the entire school together to have fun is to throw a pseudo-celebration for the devil in disguise.

I kept the entire recording for historical purposes, the song starts at 1:50.


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