This is the third reincarnation of the post 99 videos that make you go hmmm, ah, and ahha (186 videos is here). I have re-checked some of the links from the last version, but if you find one that is a dead link or leads to the wrong video please let me know by leaving a comment.

The videos are broken in to simple categories based on how we generally use them in class. Some are used in isolation, some are used for inspiration, and some are used in reaction to the day’s experiences–obviously many cross category lines. I have added two new categories.  One for videos about passionate people or people doing something that inspires passion or used when we talk about passion.  And I started a last category with videos from my class.

Pick one a day and show to your class, show one each Friday. Make showing videos a part of your class. At least 50% of the time we watch one just because….the kids will make their own interpretations. Always near the end of the year kids will make a comment like “you always show us those videos to make us see things differently.” And “you want us to open up and not be afraid to be creative like the videos.” Sometimes it is just nice for kids to know that the first minute or two of class is going to be totally and completely stress free. If you have difficulty starting class, show one. As soon as the video is over you transition into class whole you have everyone’s attention. If you have classroom community problems, show a funny one each day. Have the class share a laugh, share an emotion. Doing that each day makes a huge difference.

I do write posts that are more than lists….you can check them out here.

Simply click on the title to go to the video.

Videos that make us think:

Mankind is no Island



Brown Eyes/Blue Eyes

Did you Know?

Piano Stairs

Dove Evolution

Kaplan U Desks

Do Schools Kill Creativity?

Just One Girl

Micheal Jordon-Failure

The Deepest Garbage Can

The Years are Short

Stuck on an Elevator

The Money Tree

Dear 16 Year Old me

Staring Contest

Power of Words

Be a Follower


Instant Face Maker

Girl and the Fox

Butterfly Circus (if you are going to watch only one…)

I Can’t Read…

Knock Knock

Dear 16 Year Old Me

Why I Hate School but Love Education


I will not let an exam determine my fate

Children See, Children Do

Nahla~Muslima In High School (ChiefThePoet) Spoken Word

Photoshopping Real Women Into Cover Models

Ronan’s Escape

Teen Brain

Look Up

I Forgot My Phone

Who will be my hero

Dear Grade 8 Me

Words and their Consequences

Golf Ball Terminal Velocity

Introducing the Book

Everything is a Re-Mix


Biological Advantage of Being Awestruck

Day in the life of a rice farmer


Videos that inspire us:

I Love Living Life

Try to Do

Be the Change You Want to See in the World

Together We Can Change the World

Blind Painter

Free Hugs


Dustin carter

Pep Talk from Kid President to You

Caines Arcade

K id Speech

Think Different

Everyone needs to wear sunscreen

I Hope You See This

Human Shadows



To This Day Project

On how I approach strangers in the street

Life Changing Play

This is your life

Take a seat, make a friend

Work as a Team

Kid President Pep Talk

I Shoulda Tried Harder

Harmonica Man

Light it up

Technology, Documentary, My Dad, Me

Wall of Words

Snap Your Joy


Videos that amaze us:

LED Sheep Herding

Time Warp

Paul the Opera Singer

Breaking Wine Glass

Boyanka Angelova

One in Million Chance

Human Shadow Puppets

Giant Water Slide


Dominoes in the Kitchen

Greatest Car Advertisement Ever

Test Your Awareness 1

Test Your Awareness 2

Test Your Awareness 3

Test Your Awareness 4

Bruce Lee Table Tennis

Golf Ball Reaches Terminal Velocity`

Optical Illusion Dance

Tractor Trailer Mishap

Largest Glacier Calving Ever

Grinding the Crack

Biggest Surf Wave Ever

Dubstep Beatboxer


Ball Camera

Stop Motion

Top Secret Drum Corp


One Man Band

VW Factory

Hearing for the First Time

Coke and Mentos Car

Time Warp Balloon

Breaking a wineglass

Inspired Bicycles


Free Style Football

Wolf’s Law

60 Seconds in a Skate Park

Chalk Art

Mind Blowing Dance

Painting Reality

Animation on a Bike

Evolution of Music

Sand Art

Google Street View Hyperlapse

View from ISS at night

Dream Music

Moon Walk


Tony vs Paul

Stop Motion

On Top of the Hood

I believe I can Fly

Experience Human Flight

Experience Scootering

I Believe I Can Fly 2


Live Augmented Reality

Tony vs Paul

Way Back Home

Throwable panoramic camera

Reverse Things

Ohio State Marching Band

Car vs Car

Bike Tricks

Optical Illusion Dance

Tractor Trailer Jackknife

Lock and Load

Tokyo Reverse

100 Riffs


Human Flight

Zero Gravity





Videos that make us ask questions:

Steven Levitt: Why do crack dealers still live with their moms?


Gever Tulley: 5 dangerous things you should let your kids do

Built to Last

What teachers make

Lost Generation

Don’t Eat the Marshmallow Yet

Vision of Students Today

Vision of K-12 Students Today

The Kid No One Wanted

Power of Simple Words

Behind the scenes at McDonalds Photo Shoot

Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us


Why you need to fail

The Majestic Plastic bag

Take My Ball and Go Home


When there is a correct answer

Be more Dog

Discrepant Event #2 — Candle

Magic for Dogs

How to talk to your ten year old self

Science of Happiness

How Wolves Change Rivers

Steve Jobs on Asking for help

Creativity Takes Time

Lost Generation

Chasing Ice

The Reflect Project


Videos that get us to laugh together:

Cat Herding


Life after Death by Powerpoint

Food Fight

The Invisible Rope

Thou Shalt Laugh

Trouble in Paradise

Ron Lucas and Big Dummy

Electric face Stimulus

Basset Hound Beat Box

Martians Meet a Clock

Everything is Amazing and Nobodys Happy

Mr. Bean-Pool

Bill Cosby-Dentists

Five Minute University

Barking Fish

Football vs Baseball

Charlie the Unicorn


Rabbit (ok, maybe not funny but frightening)

We’re Sinking

Sneak Thief

Why you should think before you text

Pigeon Impossible

Entr Kazoo Man

Introducing the Book

Stupid Terrorist

Slinky on Treadmill

Dramatic Surprise 1

Dramatic Surprise 2

Evian Babies

Bulldog Snorting

Ojai Taxidermy

Lighthouse vs Ship

Gotta Share the Musical


Invisible Drumkit

Flying Fish

Marcel the Shell with shoes on

Worst Ice Skater

Funny Animals

Frozen Grand Central

Spy vs Guy

Kiss Cam

Safer in Groups

Inflated Animals

Baby and Me

Duck Heart

Mouth Open

Marcel with Shoes on Two

Fluffy McCloud


Cumulus and Nimbus

Give it a ponder 1

Give it a ponder 2

Give it a ponder 3

Give it a ponder 4


Parallel Parking

Bless You

Uncle Jack (not for all audiences)

Dumb Ways to Die (not for all audiences)

Are silent farts worse

The Graduation Song

Marcel the shell with shoes on

Llama Llama Duck

French Bulldog snoring

April Fools Joke

Rubber Band Babies

Elevator Joy Bomb

Gotta Be A Scholar

House of Scholars

Research Rescue

Study Like a Scholar

Ask a Librarian

Crazy Cart

Basketball Class


Make your day better in 64 seconds

Math Class

Cubicle Contagion

Wall of Boxes

Parent Rap

It’s Not About the Nail


Dragon Baby




The Putter

Passion for Sound

People are Awesome


Walking Contest

Snow Circles

Sound of Wood

Fifty People One Question 1

Fifty People One question 2

Secret of Toys

Planet Earth

Last Ice Merchant

The Puppet Man


Cool Videos From My Class

Welcome to Room 207

3 Floors Up 

Why use tablets in the classroom?

Intro to P-Day

A Civil War Letter

Monroe Doctrine Song

Class Commercial 2012-13

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