One vote…

In a couple months Connecticut will elect a governor.

The Democratic nominee and incumbent is Dannel Malloy.  Maybe the governor most in bed with corporate reformers.  Every decision he has pushed on education has made like for me and my students more dismal.  He has put in place a Commissioner of Education with direct corporate ed-reform ties, and has supported dismantling the Department of Education and rebuilding it with outsiders with no education experience.   What he has done with charter schools and who he has supported to run them is offensive.  He said that all teachers have to do is show up and they have a job for life.  I could never vote for him.

The Republican nominee is Tom Foley.  Foley barely lost four years ago.  After losing he created the Connecticut Policy Institute.  They have four great big ideas on how to fix schools in Connecticut.  The want to grade each school from A to F, push more school choice in lowest performing districts, require a reading exam for all third graders and a regents exam for high schoolers, and his last idea is to improve the quality of teachers (change certification requirements, tenure, merit pay).  He has worked with Conncan and Teach for America.  I could never vote for him.

The third candidate is Jon Pelto.  Wait What?  A third part candidate?  Yep.  He wants to turn back the dollars being sunk into common core and standardized testing, stop funneling all the dollars into the special interests opening charter schools, and stop the forces creating an insane passing school and failing school system that opens the door for more wicked ed-reformer take over.  A third party candidate that can win?  I don’t know.  But what Jon offers is a voice to so many workers, teachers, and parents in CT that are so rejected and beaten down by the current administration.  A voice that is just getting louder.  Is a vote on Jon wasted?  No.  I see my vote as a simple moral one.  Foley and Malloy’s ideas and decisions are immoral.  They will further destroy the learning and dreams of my children, and further destroy the last glimmer and spark of the fire that brought me into teaching.  I will vote for Jon Pelto.


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