What is encouragement?

Like a lot of people I open blog posts and many times glance over them and go onto the next one.  I check it off as read, I got it, give me another.

Then sometimes I leave one open in a tab and when I reopen my computer there it is again.  I look at it again, glance through it again…and then realize there is something different about it.  I cannot understand the post by quickly going through it.  I have to suck it up, slow down, and read every word…slowly.  Maybe twice.  I found one of those posts today.

True encouragement takes a huge and drastic commitment, one that educators everywhere have been systematically told is counter to good teaching: you should not care about the results of your encouragement. If you have a stake in the results, then the encouragement that you give stands a good chance of morphing into persuasion, coercion, or at worst, bullying. Not caring puts the benefit of encouraging solely on the shoulders of the person being encouraged; they work for themselves, not for you.
From What is encouragement?

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