One smile at a time…

Sent an email home to parents today–the email is below.  I sent it out around noon.  By 3 o’clock I had received more responses from parents to the email than I have ever had to any other video I have ever sent home.  The power of a smile…

Today is World Smile Day.  Harvey Ball is the artist that created the “smiley face” that we all think of when we hear the words “smiley face.”   When he died the “Harvey Ball World Smile Foundation” formed to honor his legacy.   Their slogan is “improving this world, one smile at a time.”   We made a quick video for you this morning to improve your world…”one smile at a time.”

My apologies if your kid is blurry—they move quick 🙂

And here is some raw footage of one class Wednesday:

Have a great weekend,


Paul Bogush
7th Grade Social Studies
Moran Middle School

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