A message from my kids to their parents…

Last year I started a new “tradition.”  Each year before the holiday break the kids make a video for the parents with a few subliminal  reminders 🙂  You can check out the post from last year right here.

Here is the note and video that went home this year:

Happy Holidays!

Just a couple of quick notes for you…(and for those of you who skip school emails jump to the link at the bottom)…

When the kids return in January we will have a student teacher from Quinnipiac College.  Ms Griffiths is finishing her masters degree and I expect incredible things from her during the next ten weeks.  In order to get into our classroom a student teacher must first pass a test–be interviewed by students on the team.  Back in September,  8 students created questions and spent nearly 30 minutes interviewing Ms.Griffiths. They made a unanimous decision to bring her aboard team 7-1.  She will start with three classes in January, and take full responsibility for all five starting in February.

I continued to be impressed with your kids both academically and with their patience for me as I adjust to seventh grade.  They have recently tackled some problems that my eighth graders last year were not able to handle until the spring. I never ever thought they would be this far along when I met them in September.  They are willing to create and tackle challenging questions, try anything I throw at them, and put up with me when I am crabby 🙂   I have been teaching for a long time and this is honestly one of my favorite group of students.  Every single day they enter and exit with a smile–it is hard to have a bad day when you hangout with 130 smiling kids every day. Thank you for doing such an incredible job with them.

I applaud all of you who have supported your kids become more independent this year and have let them fall, and get back up on their own.  It is hard isn’t it?!  Please push them to come back and talk to the teachers when they express that they are having difficulty in a class.  Please push them to write the emails as you sit back and watch them grow…and make them cook a couple meals this week, do their own laundry, push the vacuum, and empty the garbage.  They are powerful kids who are capable of doing great things, and they might as well start by washing the dishes 🙂  Denis Waitley once said, “The greatest gifts you can give your children are the roots of responsibility and the wings of independence.  You have sent us eagles, let them fly!

But of course, please feel free to email us any time with any concerns 🙂

And finally, here is a link to a video the kids made today: http://goo.gl/G9Ozgc

It consists of four parts.  Part 1 is “I am…”  The second part is “Someday I will be…” The third part is “Look how far I have come…”  Dear mommas, grab a few tissues before watching that section 🙂  Part four is a message from your child, the section is entitled “Sometimes I forget to tell you…”  If you child is missing from a section of the video that was their choice, and some kids were not in it because they were making up missed work.

Have a great week off, and if anyone is working on make-up work over break, or wishes to make-up assignments that they are missing I am just am email away.  With the exception of a couple days, every kid’s question should be answered within 24 hours.


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