“I’m so proud…”

So often as teachers we get stuck focusing on the day-to-day minutia of our jobs.  Paperwork, behavior issues, grades…

We get stuck on the problems in front of us and forget about all the cool things the kids have accomplished.  It is easy for teachers to focus on everything that is wrong with their classes and forget about all the great things that are occurring.  Especially those things occurring in small increments over time.

Recently I sat down with my superintendent to discuss making a video that would introduce the budget at the town council meeting.  He started talking about everything going on in the district, and I could not help thinking that every teacher should be listening to what I was hearing.  I realized that I was so hyper-focused on my class that I was missing out on what the district was accomplishing as a whole. At some point he simply said, “I am proud of what we are doing.”  That became the focus of the video.  He went out with a “camera man” and took video clips that were then given to me for editing.  There were 187 clips to go through to make into a 3 minute video and I had only a weekend to do it!

After making the video below I realized immediately that I will copy this style and do this with my kids at the end of the year.  It would be a great way to reflect on what they accomplished in class.

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