Dear Ms. Roache,

A note I just wrote to my daughter’s math teacher…

Hi Theresa,

Just a quick email to say thank you for being such a positive influence in Annie’s life this year.  I suppose all teachers to some degree know that their words and actions have the ability to make a difference in kids live’s, but sometimes I think they forget how kids absorb and carry them and make them a part of who they are and who they will be.  Teachers leave little pieces of themselves in each kid who use those pieces to build what they will become & what they believe is possible.

This year I have seen Annie re-build herself as a student and change what she believes she is capable of doing.  Thank you for giving her a little piece of yourself this year.  We slowly watched her transform at home from doing math HW in a pool of tears in September to total independence by June.  But most of all, the biggest impact you had was to very slowly chip away at her fear.  She brought years of school math baggage to you and it was slowly unpacked.

Students will always be who you are, and never who you want them to be.  An important piece of who Annie will be was forged in your class this year, and it is not because of some carefully planned school curriculum or technology, but simply because of who you are and what will be left with her long after she forgets how to divide mixed fractions of negative numbers 🙂



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