57 ideas for making videos in your school

I was compiling examples of videos that I have made with my classes for an upcoming Digital Literacy course I am teaching that centers around digital story telling.  I wanted to share examples of what you can do if you learn the basics of video editing, and examples of possible stories that teachers and kids could tell. Not all are on this list as perfect digital story telling examples. Some I will use just to show examples of certain types of editing, sound, etc.   Others are examples of what certain levels of kids can do, or what different mics or editing software can do.    I am not going to write the oral commentary that would come with each during the course, but I hope there is something here that could spark an idea for you or your kids.

I would really appreciate it if you left examples of what your kids do in the comments. Thanks.

  1. Class Commercial https://vimeo.com/99952920
  2. Extended class commercial https://goo.gl/P15u9b
  3. Reverse Video https://goo.gl/VUySUf 
  4. Highlight Reel https://goo.gl/UwPy1l
  5. End of year https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o36BVMnDfA0 
  6. Field Trip https://goo.gl/pHE6qG 
  7. Staff fun https://goo.gl/7a7qnK
  8. Stop and Stare https://goo.gl/icuNL
  9. Breaking Up http://goo.gl/3U2rTb
  10. My Darling Wife https://vimeo.com/97481239
  11. Notecard confessions http://goo.gl/R9ndd
  12. Misc Vids https://goo.gl/csDjnI
  13. Crazy Ones https://goo.gl/UQ1OqZ
  14. Misc Videos 2 http://goo.gl/sjRqfm
  15. Hallo https://goo.gl/Vq7v3w
  16. Amazon https://goo.gl/Y4R716 (edit longer video to shorter one for class)
  17. Common Craft Style https://vimeo.com/61009199
  18. No sound https://goo.gl/nByZ1C
  19. Contest Girls https://goo.gl/veLc9B
  20. Passionate teachers https://vimeo.com/61320504
  21. P-Day Intro https://goo.gl/6j3FCS
  22. I’m So Proud https://goo.gl/8BMlrg
  23. Smiles https://goo.gl/aaNqWE
  24. First Day https://goo.gl/BkPQZ9
  25. Imaginary Friends https://goo.gl/8rfBaO
  26. Lessons with Heart https://goo.gl/PkMDNJ
  27. Field Trip https://goo.gl/pHE6qG
  28. Reverse Poem https://goo.gl/mT7do1
  29. RSA https://goo.gl/T5rZw3
  30. Career Day https://goo.gl/zD6fzG
  31. Monroe Doctrine https://goo.gl/ecvHuk
  32. Zombie After School CLub https://goo.gl/Xx6lYy
  33. Stop Action https://goo.gl/sFvFgo
  34. Song Parody Daniel Shays https://goo.gl/JCU6L9
  35. Shay’s Rebellion https://goo.gl/E06kdn
  36. Simple Stories https://goo.gl/pM4NoN
  37. Puppy Mills https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xuHvvnJQ9cQ
  38. Poetry Slam https://goo.gl/QsbBW7
  39. Oregon Trail https://goo.gl/S7xh8
  40. Star Spangled Banner https://goo.gl/ieR0Vg
  41. Lewis and Clark https://goo.gl/wjoM1c
  42. Behind the scenes Common Craft https://goo.gl/yC0STl
  43. Civil War Soldier https://goo.gl/al0eH
  44. Rosa Parks https://goo.gl/eQtZjg
  45. Oregon Trail https://goo.gl/LVDG4n
  46. Lewis and Clark https://goo.gl/0qp0cK
  47. Molly Pitcher https://goo.gl/X0I2Yr
  48. Native American Story https://goo.gl/tSFIEj
  49. Dance https://vimeo.com/130050455
  50. Civil War Self https://goo.gl/57KWo
  51. Trail of Tears https://goo.gl/qYJTrM
  52. Detectives https://goo.gl/4Bx8vU
  53. Oregon Trail https://goo.gl/RJoAIs
  54. Expectations https://vimeo.com/48926308
  55. National Anthem https://goo.gl/HYtRRl
  56. Board of Ed Preso https://goo.gl/1NOM61
  57. Music Maddness https://goo.gl/yC810L

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