10 Things I want to do before I die

Amanda, who is one of my students, started a meme last week that she hopes will sweep through the blogosphere.  She writes in her post:

I know mostly everyone has heard “well what things do you want to do before you die”. There’s books that say 100 things to see before you die or 50 things to do before you die. But I’m wondering right now if you had to pick 10 things to do before you die what would they be and do you have reasons why?

I think is is more interesting that the “7 Things you don’t know about me” meme because it shows a little bit about about who we want to be rather than who we have been.  I have been finally tagged by Herky and so here is my list:

10 Things I want to do before I die (In no particular order)

  1. Climb K-2 I Love to climb mountains.  I have done a bunch 12,000 ft and higher, but would love to climb a mountain that is not only tall, but one with a great history.
  2. Volunteer more at Old Sturbridge VIllage I simply love role dressing up in my 19th Century farmer clothes and going up to OSV.  I think it is a great place and way to introduce people to history
  3. Buy a quad to help with farm work.  I am getting old.  I need help!
  4. Commute each day to school on my bike–or better yet this one. I was able to commute for about two years and it is so relaxing plus I get in great shape.  Hopefully once my daughters are old enough to let themselves into the house after school I will go back to biking.  Or if I get that bike I would be able to beat their bus home and start earlier!
  5. Become famous in education for something…not sure what…a book, podcast, hmmmm  I admit it, I do want 15 minutes of fame, maybe more.  Since my dream of becoming a rock star is probably over, I would say this is the next best thing.
  6. Grow all the food I eat during an entire year.  We come pretty close each year to growing all of our own meat.  I would love to also do all of our own produce.
  7. Retire from teaching as early as possible…which is connected to…
  8. …Become a college professor in a Department of Education.  I love working with in-service teachers.  I am committed to creating an army of virtuous PBL student centered teachers!
  9. Buy my wife a hot tub.  She deserves one.  Someday I hope we can fit it into the budget.
  10. Hike the entire Appalachian Trail from Georgia to Maine.  This is what I want to start doing the day after I retire.  I love being outside.  I love doing back country off trail stuff, but there is something so relaxing about just going in a straight line following a trail.

Honestly, I have spent a quite a bit of time reflecting on my list.  For some reason it really surprised me.  I won’t include my self-psychoanalysis here…

I am going to change the rules a bit.  Amanda originally tagged 10 people.  Howabout if we change the rule to at least five! Please tag your blog with 10tdb4id so we can keep track. I tag the following bloggers:




Meg Griffen

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And here is a an extra challenge for you.  Tag at least one person that you have never had any correspondence with and who’s blog you have never visited.  Someone outside of your normal PLN.  After searching around I found a blog written by Dana Huff.  She includes many posts that reflect back on her week.  Dana, hello, nice to meet you I’m Paul, can you reflect forward for me and tell me “10 Things that you would like to do before you die.”