Mystery Skype

Today we did our first Mystery Skype of the year.  If you don’t know what Mystery Skype is please look it up!  We have been video conferencing with classes for many years, but I like Mystery Skypes because the “rules” are already made.  It is like ordering a catered meal.  You just set the time, the place, and the other class just shows up ready to participate.

This was my first in 7th grade after years in 8th grade.  The kids came back during lunch and I explained what they would be doing (note to self–7th graders need a few more tips on getting organized and asking questions).   Then they came back the next day during lunch to do the Mystery Skype.  We Skyped with Laura Fengler’s class in Michigan.

At first everyone is always a bit hesitant and sits back.

Then slowly the start getting up and forming a pack near the microphone.

Then the pack starts getting serious about asking questions.

And sometimes it can get a bit stressful 🙂

But for most of the Skype conversation this is what you see…look at their eyes:

Doing a Mystery Skype is worth your time.  Email me (click on “contact” at top of page).  We will be happy to join you in a Mystery Skype.