The post that was supposed to appear in this spot I am holding off-I am not quite finished with it and it is a juicy one. I will instead put up a post answering memes I have been tagged with that I have not been able to get to for some time. If you click on each title it will take you to the original post. So let’s get to meme #1.

Meme #1What is the most unique thing about your school?

I have thought long and hard about this one. I polled a couple of classes. I thought a little more, and a little more. In the end, I had the same answer that I started with. Nothing. Now that is not necessarily a bad thing. We are just flat out average in everyway. So while it is not an interesting answer, it’s the best I have got.

Meme#2What would you do if you were the last person on Earth?

I would travel down south and take over a beautiful house on the beach. Plant a really big garden, build a really big hammock, and drink out of coconuts. Not sure where I would get the coconuts, but I could easily live out the rest of my life like that.

Meme#3What kind of superpower would you want?

I would like to read peoples minds. Not all the time. I would be able to activate the power. Most people don’t like to share what is going on in their life, and they don’t want to expose themselves by divulging some of the pain that they are dealing with. Imagine if a student wasn’t doing anything in class and I could “see” that they are thinking about their troubles at home. I would be able to approach that student in a very different way then the kid who I could “see” was just day dreaming about his new video game.

Meme#4Random Act of Kindness-Leave an encouraging comment on someone’s blog

This is the comment I am going to leave on Megan’s blog:

Hi Megan. I want to thank you for the “Hello” you give me every morning before school. As the school day starts my stress level is usually rising as I start to worry about whether or not I have everything ready. Your “hello” snaps me out of my stress mode and instantly relaxes me and reminds me to be “in-the-moment” instead of stressing about the future. It’s funny how it does that every morning—it never gets old. Thanks Megan!

Meme#5What are five changes you would like to see in the educational system?

5-Hire a fancy smancy advertisement agency to create a campaign to recruit a whole new breed of teachers. Too many highly qualified individuals don’t even consider teaching because school simply wasn’t a place they liked to be as a student, why would they want to be there as a teacher.

4-Make an education degree two years of classes and short classroom experiences. Then you enter the farm system. Model schools like medical schools. Just like there are teaching hospitals, there would be “teaching” schools. Resident teachers would work with and shadow certified teachers for two years. Then they would take on a class of their own for a year in a one-on-one situation. Then work for two years on a team with a master teacher in charge. During the first five years of the program they are paying, the last two years a stipend. Shouldn’t cost more than their current BS + MA degrees. We could get rid of many of the college professors—frankly after many student teachers and interns over the years, they are not learning much in their four year programs anyway.

3-Have a contest to see who can make the largest stack of text books and them light them on fire.

2-Get rid of age level grades, mandatory year-by-year curriculum, and graded assignments. Let’s mix up the ages. Even put the pre-schools and senior centers in the schools. If a kid really want to spend a year learning about DNA and doesn’t learn about Saturn, will society really crash and burn? Or get a kid with a passion for science. Graded assignments! Nothing is worse…but that is another post.

1-Last but not least, Make a law that says whenever anyone is writing, talking, or meeting about changing the educational system that they start off with no school buildings or teachers in their plan. It restricts creativity when you start brainstorming about how to improve a system but keep the two largest components of it.

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