If you are reading this there is a good chance you came from my twitter page and are considering whether or not to click on that little follow button.  If you are I would ask that you do it because you actually want to interact with me and not just because you are trying to add followers, or just because I happen to teach the same subject as you.  I recommend checking out my blog posts, and scroll back through some past tweets.  Twitterers with opposing viewpoints are welcome! If you do follow I would appreciate it if you @reply to me to share your opinions, questions, and collaborative ideas.

So what if you follow me and I don’t follow back or block you? It’s probably because of one of the following reasons:

  1. You are promoting a product or your services…educational services included(auto block!)
  2. You have no image or bio line…come on, put something up to symbolize who you are!
  3. You do not use your name on your home page (first names are fine!)
  4. You are following 5000 people and only 1 is following you back
  5. You are only following 1 person and 5000 are following you…all except you @alfiekohn, I am still holding out for you to follow me!
  6. All you do is tweeter preacher.
  7. All your interactions are with a small clique of twitterers
  8. You don’t have any tweets yet
  9. You curse…sorry, I often share my twitter page with my class and well…
  10. Your tweets are protected and you only have a name identifying yourself with no link to any personal information, and you bio line is blank–sorry, but just a name and a blocked twitter page does not make me feel safe following you!

So what would make me follow you?

  1. You have a creative bio line that is intriguing
  2. Your past tweets interact with a variety of people
  3. Your past tweets aren’t all links
  4. Your past tweets aren’t all re-tweets
  5. Your tweets show some insight into who you are, a blend of professional and personal

I am a firm believer that Twitter is not just a place to share other people’s resources by tweeting links you have found, or re-tweeting other people’s tweets.  It can be a place for deep thinking and reflection and dialogue.  Twitter is like a huge treasure chest, links and re-tweets can be golden, but interaction, dialogue, questions, and tweets that are origional thoughts and ideas are the gems in the chest.  Never question your power to contribute gems to the twitter treasure chest.

Ok…this was all just a test…if you made it this far click that little follow button and let me know by@replying to me your nervous tick or idiosyncrasy that you have 😉  Mine is that I roll a pen between my hands and make it click on my wedding ring!

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