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Building the Machine — a common core “documentary”

Sandra Stotsky speaking in CT

In bed with the enemy

He does not have a single credential

Common Core Connections

Common Core Copyright

Common Core State Standards and the National PTA

Hey CT!  Waive goodbye to NCLB and hello to SPI!

Common Core Standards — Terms of Use

You don’t get harmony when everyone sings the same note

 Dear Social Studies Teacher…

A post for Common Core Lemmings...(data mining)

Open Your Eyes...(data mining)

Terms of Abuse (CCSS Terms of Use)

If you don’t ask questions, you will never have to be afraid of the truth (% of my evaluation based on test scores)


911…Kindergarten has been hijacked

Never Again…

BloomBoard-new online tool for CT teacher evaluations

Building the Machine

Citing the common core state standards

“What magical trick makes us intelligent?”

Directions Before the Directions

Smoke and Mirrors

It’s Almost Time

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Listen to the Fools

Why common core is unlike standards of the past

Doubts About the common core

Common Core State Standards: An Example of Data-less Decision Making

Common Core National Curriculum Standards: More Questions than Answers

National Curriculum Standards: Let’s Think it Over

More Questions…and Answers

Testimonoy from Sandra Strotsky

The secret sixty prepare to write standards for 50 million

Some pages I have bookmarked

My Diigo list of common core sites


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